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John Pittman: Kinship

John Pittman: Kinship

At the height of his addiction Charlie Parker once said, “Bread is your only friend.” He was also speaking from the standpoint of how...
Hilario Durán "Contumbao" - TD Toronto Jazz Festival 2018

Toronto Jazz Fest 2018: Still About the Music

When the outspoken musician and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton deemed himself the preserver of “archaic pop” he was giving a kind of true, historical legitimacy...
Robi Botos - Old Soul

Robi Botos : Old Soul

The Hungarian-born, Canadian pianist, Robi Botos won the 2004 edition of what is now called the Parmigiani Montreux Jazz Piano Competition and, we know...
Mike Downes: Root Structure

Mike Downes: Root Structure

There can be no music without a bass. Musicians – and there have been many – have performed and recorded, so-called “bass-less projects”, but...
Daniela Nardi - Espresso Manifesto - Canto

Daniela Nardi Presents: Canto

That Toronto has been brimming with musical talent has been the city’s worst-kept secret. The malaise that has affected the arts in the face...
Ron Davis - Pocket Symphronica

Ron Davis: Pocket Symphronica

At first blush, the word ‘Symphronica’ might draw attention to the wrong aspect of this music and that is gratuitous publicity for its creator....