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Being Patricia Cano

Being Patricia Cano

There is an iconic quote from Horace that describes Patricia Cano perfectly: poeta nascitur, non fit - “the poet is born, not made”. It...
Toronto Jazz Orchestra - 20

Toronto Jazz Orchestra: 20

For the Toronto Jazz Orchestra the impulse to create and adorn a large musical canvas may have been inspired by the first chamber, symphony...
Patricia Cano - Madre Amiga Hermana

Patricia Cano: Madre Amiga Hermana

Patricia Cano is a breathtaking vocalist and seductive vocalist, and unlike any almost musician of her generation she can sing as if native in...
Beny Esguerra: A New Tradition Vol. 2 - Return of the Kuisi

Beny Esguerra: A New Tradition Vol. 2 – Return of the Kuisi

It’s silly really not to acknowledge that some of the finest young artists of this generation – no matter where they come from –...
Louis Simão

Artist Profile: Louis Simão

Toronto-based musician, Louis Simão has been composing, performing and recording as a multi-instrumentalist in a variety of genres for twenty years. 2016 marked the...
Louis Simão Presents: A Luz

Louis Simão Presents: A Luz

It is not often that you come across a recording that is so ineffably brilliant that attempts to describe it, you feel, might only...