Melody Diachun: Get Back to the Groove


This short programme by the Québec-born, British Colombia-based vocalist Melody Diachun is a timely reminder that while she may not record as frequently as other young musicians she is – and will always be – a force to reckon with in contemporary vocal music. On the sultry, bluesy music of Get Back to the Groove Miss Diachun lays out the case for her formidable and alluring talent in just five short songs. Of course it does not take five songs to catch on to Miss Diachun’s remarkable flair, it takes just a few bars on the cheeky opening number “Sharp Dressed Man”. The momentum, clarity and allure of her voice flows right into the witty narrative of that song and from there onto “That’s What Delete is For”, another song that Miss Diachun unfolds with a blend of saucy humour and grace in her stylish turn of phrase.

Although short on time (it’s an extended-play after all) Get Back to the Groove is a sparkling, action-packed affair, the repertoire performed by Miss Diachun and her band in a seamlessly controlled fashion. The disc has all the elements that assure it of success: astonishingly fine instrumentalism from all of the players – somehow Doug Stephenson’s hot guitar licks and Clinton Swanson’s dramatic saxophone soli make a combustive impression – and then there is also the element of risky exuberance on the part of Miss Diachun, who adds that element to all of the other ones in her already impressive musical armoury. All of this makes one yearn for more from this rather fine vocalist and musician

Track list – 1: Sharp Dressed Man; 2: That’s What Delete is For; 3: Eleanor Rigby; 4: High Definition Love; 5: Get Back to the Groove

Personnel – Melody Diachun: lead vocals, background vocals and percussion; Andrew Matthews: background vocals; Clinton Swanson: tenor saxophone; Chris Gestrin: Hammond B3 organ; Doug Stephenson: guitar, bass and keyboards; Mark Spielman: bass; Tony Ferraro: drums

Released – 2018
Label – Third Beach Records (tbr01)
Runtime – 21:33


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