Bill McBirnie: The Technique and Theory of Improvisation


Bill McBirnie:The Technique and Theory of ImprovisationBill McBirnie: The Technique and Theory of Improvisation

Canada’s celebrated virtuoso flutist Bill McBirnie recently took a break from putting flute to lips and put pen to paper, this time to write what could very well be the definitive guide to the technique and theory of improvisation. A book entitled The Technique and Theory of Improvisation has ensued and it is likely to be a definitive text for students and musicians alike who are interested in pursuing both the instrument and improvised music as well.

Mr McBirnie is internationally renowned for his musicianship. His work has been documented on several albums made in under his own name as well as on scores of others on which he has appeared as a guest. He has also been – for years – a member of the Moe Koffman Tribute Band led by pianist Bernie Senensky.

Sir James Galway, one of the greatest living flutists has written the foreword. In it the great Irishman says of Mr McBirnie: “When I first heard Bill play some 15 years ago, I was truly impressed with his work, because I recognized I was listening to flute playing on another level altogether. At that time, I thought Bill should write a book. Well, he has finally fulfilled my wish. Not only that, but I think he has written a book up there with the greatest flute players of all time.”

The book is available on Amazon

Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: Library and Archives Canada (Nov. 6 2019)
Language: English
Price: $25.00 (US) or $32:89 (CDN)
ISBN-10: 1999227301
ISBN-13: 978-1999227302



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