Ron Davis’ Symphronica & Nagata Shachu

Ron Davis’ Symphronica & Nagata Shachu – world premiere of DODEKA NAGATA

Ron Davis’ brilliant Symphronica – the electric/acoustic jazz/pop/string group – combines with the raw power of the great Nagata Shachu Japanese drum ensemble for a driving, world premiere performance of Ron Davis’ tune Dodeka Nagata (arr. Jason Nett).

Ron Davis’ Symphronica featuring Nagata Shachu in a world premiere of Dodeka Nagata
(comp. Ron Davis / arr. Jason Nett)

Ron Davis (piano/leader)
Kevin Barrett (guitar/ Music Director)
Ross MacIntyre (bass)
Giampaolo Scatozza (drums)
Aline Homzy (violin)
Jessica Deutsch (violin)
Ben Plotnick (viola)
Tess Crowther (cello)

Nagata Shachu:
Kiyoshi Nagata (Founder/ Artistic Director)
Aki Takahashi
Akemi Akachi
Tony Nguyen

Video produced by Saul Lederman
April 30, 2015, Lula Lounge – Toronto


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