Friday, July 3, 2020
Peter Campbell: Loving You

Peter Campbell Presents: Loving You

It’s not hard to fall in love with Shirley Horn all over again when you listen to Loving You by Peter Campbell. Such unabashed...
Lauren Bush: All My Treasures

Lauren Bush: All My Treasures

Even if Lauren Bush never makes another album ever, she can comfortably secure her reputation on All My Treasures. The disc’s charismatic title comes...
Ilios Steryannis: Bethany Project

Ilios Steryannis · Bethany Project

The fact that Ilios Steryannis is a drummer may account for his being drawn not only to complex rhythmic pulses and time signatures. However...
Melody Diachun: Get Back to the Groove

Melody Diachun: Get Back to the Groove

This short programme by the Québec-born, British Colombia-based vocalist Melody Diachun is a timely reminder that while she may not record as frequently as...
Ori Dagan: Nathaniel

Ori Dagan: Nathaniel

No singer, not even Andy Bey, or his brother Freddy sang with the kind of molten fire as Nat King Cole. And Ori Dagan,...
Patricia Cano - Madre Amiga Hermana

Patricia Cano: Madre Amiga Hermana

Patricia Cano is a breathtaking vocalist and seductive vocalist, and unlike any almost musician of her generation she can sing as if native in...
Carn Davidson 9: Murphy

Carn Davidson 9 Presents: Murphy

The luscious musical imagery at work here on Murphy by Carn Davidson 9 will have a lasting impression on the mind’s ear with its...
Alberto Suárez: From the Sacred Place

Alberto Suárez: From the Sacred Place

When it comes to Afro-Cuban drummers and percussionists, the name of Alberto Suárez may not be top of mind but it ought to be....
Ann Vriend: Anybody's Different

Ann Vriend: Anybody’s Different

An extended play is a curious package for a musician. As a stand-alone disc it does not have enough material to make what is...
University of Toronto 12TET: When Day Slips into Night

University of Toronto 12TET: When Day Slips into Night

The students of the University of Toronto’s Jazz Music faculty are a moveable and ever-changing pool of gifted musicians who not only read and...