Monday, October 21, 2019
Denielle Bassels - What About Wool Wishbags

Denielle Bassels: What About Wool Wishbags

It’s not difficult to hear a sort of “coming of age” – of Denielle Bassels – in What About Wool Wishbags; a sort of...
Rich Brown & RinsetheAlgorithm at the Jazz Bistro

Rich Brown and Rinsethealgorithm at The Jazz Bistro

Jazz Bistro  - Toronto,  April 1st, 2017 - RinsetheAlgorithm:  Rich Brown - bass; Luis Deniz - sax; Robi Botos - keys; Larnell Lewis -...
TOJazzFest 2018 - Savion Glover and Marcus Gilmore

Saviour of Tap: Savion Glover feat. Marcus Gilmore at Koerner Hall

#TOJazzFest2018 - TD Toronto Jazz Festival 2018 Savion Glover has inspired a generation of dancers, not just tap dancers, dancers of all modern persuasion. In...
Mark Kelso and the Jazz Exiles: Elementals

Mark Kelso and the Jazz Exiles: Elementals

Listening to Mark Kelso and the Jazz Exiles’ music on Elementals the feeling of exhilaration is palpable. The skin feels as taut as Mr...
Lauren Bush: All My Treasures

Lauren Bush: All My Treasures

Even if Lauren Bush never makes another album ever, she can comfortably secure her reputation on All My Treasures. The disc’s charismatic title comes...
Nick Maclean Quartet - Rites of Ascension

Nick Maclean Quartet: Rites of Ascension

Much has been said about Rites of Ascension by the Nick MacLean Quartet being a homage to the music of Herbie Hancock, and that...
Sarah Jerrom: The Yeats Project

Sarah Jerrom: The Yeats Project

Although W.B. Yeats was notoriously tone-deaf – as anyone who listens to recitations of his work by Yeats himself will testify – the lyricism...
Peter Campbell: Loving You

Peter Campbell Presents: Loving You

It’s not hard to fall in love with Shirley Horn all over again when you listen to Loving You by Peter Campbell. Such unabashed...
Justin Gray & Synthesis - New Horizons

Justin Gray & Synthesis: New Horizons

It does not take long to grasp the enormity of achievement on the part of Justin Gray as heard on New Horizons a record...
Ori Dagan: Nathaniel

Ori Dagan: Nathaniel

No singer, not even Andy Bey, or his brother Freddy sang with the kind of molten fire as Nat King Cole. And Ori Dagan,...