Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Lulaworld 2019 - June  6-16, 2019
John Pittman: Kinship

John Pittman: Kinship

At the height of his addiction Charlie Parker once said, “Bread is your only friend.” He was also speaking from the standpoint of how...
The Willows: Tea For Three

The Willows: Tea For Three

Adventurousness never ever takes a back-seat even in this close harmony trio, The Willows and the ladies often break free, aided and abetted by...
Nancy Lane - Let Me Love You

Nancy Lane: Let Me Love You

The Canadian singer, Nancy Lane seems to have a voice made for the elegiac song, the ballad and other similar music. But she can...
Nick Maclean Quartet - Rites of Ascension

Nick Maclean Quartet: Rites of Ascension

Much has been said about Rites of Ascension by the Nick MacLean Quartet being a homage to the music of Herbie Hancock, and that...
Alberto Suárez: From the Sacred Place

Alberto Suárez: From the Sacred Place

When it comes to Afro-Cuban drummers and percussionists, the name of Alberto Suárez may not be top of mind but it ought to be....
Carn Davidson 9: Murphy

Carn Davidson 9 Presents: Murphy

The luscious musical imagery at work here on Murphy by Carn Davidson 9 will have a lasting impression on the mind’s ear with its...
Kim Doolittle - Into the Blue

Kim Doolittle Presents: Into the Blue

Perhaps “it takes just one girl to cry the blues, but a village to raise her up again” could be the fetching message from...
Ann Vriend: Anybody's Different

Ann Vriend: Anybody’s Different

An extended play is a curious package for a musician. As a stand-alone disc it does not have enough material to make what is...
Jeremy Ledbetter Trio - Got A Light?

Jeremy Ledbetter Trio: Got a Light?

Jeremy Ledbetter has traversed a fairly wide musical topography: from the Caribbean with his preeminent ensemble Canefire to weaving his virtuoso pianism into the...
Toronto Jazz Orchestra - 20

Toronto Jazz Orchestra: 20

For the Toronto Jazz Orchestra the impulse to create and adorn a large musical canvas may have been inspired by the first chamber, symphony...