Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Coco Wonderland

Coco Love Alcorn: Wonderland

You know that you are listening to a very special recording when its music combines power, grace and invention in a series of songs...

Holly Cole: Holly

While we never really needed another Holly Cole disc to establish her supremacy over vocal music – any vocal music, but let’s say music...
Ann Vriend: Anybody's Different

Ann Vriend: Anybody’s Different

An extended play is a curious package for a musician. As a stand-alone disc it does not have enough material to make what is...
Diana Panton: A Cheerful Little Earful

Diana Panton: A Cheerful Little Earful

The graphics on A Cheerful Little Earful by Diana Panton – and, to a certain extent, this title as well – may cue a...
Dorjee Tsering - Thank You Canada

Dorjee Tsering: Thank You Canada

Before Dorjee Tsering became a Canadian he was (is and will always be) Tibetan first, born like so many of his fellow Tibetans, in...
Josh Rager: Dreams and Other Stories

Josh Rager: Dreams and Other Stories

Considerable time has passed since we have had the pleasure of another recording from pianist Josh Rager. Dreams and Other Stories was well worth...
TuneTown: There from Here

TuneTown: There from Here

The lively arts community in and around Toronto boasts some of the most fascinating musical minds in TuneTown, and these three musicians – drummer...
Pram Trio - Saga Thirteen

Pram Trio Presents: Saga Thirteen

The subtly musical performances by three considerably talented Toronto musicians of six newly written or improvised pieces have much to offer. And as these...
Lauren Bush: All My Treasures

Lauren Bush: All My Treasures

Even if Lauren Bush never makes another album ever, she can comfortably secure her reputation on All My Treasures. The disc’s charismatic title comes...
Aaron Shragge - Innocent When You Dream: Dirt In The Ground

Aaron Shragge – Innocent When You Dream: Dirt In The Ground

On page 234 of Matéria de Poesia from Gramática Expositiva do Chão (Poesia quase toda) almost certainly his greatest work, the Brasilian poet Manoel...