Sunday, April 5, 2020
TuneTown: There from Here

TuneTown: There from Here

The lively arts community in and around Toronto boasts some of the most fascinating musical minds in TuneTown, and these three musicians – drummer...
Gord Mowat: Gord Mowat's Skeleton Crew

Gord Mowat: Gord Mowat’s Skeleton Crew

The reference to a “skeleton crew” can never be lost on anyone who’s ever worked the graveyard shift in a metropolis that never sleeps....
David Newland - Northbound - The Northwest Passage in Story and Song

David Newland: Northbound

There is a line in Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier’s lyric for “O Canada” that reads, “The true north strong and free…” which doubtless refers to...
Diana Panton: A Cheerful Little Earful

Diana Panton: A Cheerful Little Earful

The graphics on A Cheerful Little Earful by Diana Panton – and, to a certain extent, this title as well – may cue a...

Gordon Sheard & Sinal Aberto: A New Day

Afro-Brasilian music – not the more diffident but, no less sensuously danceable form of Bossa Nova – but louvação da capoeira, afoxê, maracatu, repentismo,...
JV's Boogaloo Squad: Going to Market

JV’s Boogaloo Squad: Going to Market

It has been a very long time since I have heard an organ-driven trio sound this impressive. Part of the reason has to be...

Eucalyptus: Kick It Till You Flip It

It is not of the average Canadian – much less its musicians – to court controversy. But there is a group of musicians in...

Ron Davis SymphRONica: Upfront

What do you call a little ensemble with a big sound? If the answer leaves you stumped, it’s because there is no word for...

Surefire Sweat: Introducing Surefire Sweat

This eponymously entitled debut recording by Surefire Sweat cleverly mixes different contemporary styles of popular music including Black American and Afro-Cuban and other Caribbean...

Holly Cole: Holly

While we never really needed another Holly Cole disc to establish her supremacy over vocal music – any vocal music, but let’s say music...