Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Living Fossil: Never Die

Living Fossil: Never Die

The only whimsy that you will find on Never Die is that of the name of the ensemble that makes this music, Living Fossil....
Kim Doolittle - Into the Blue

Kim Doolittle Presents: Into the Blue

Perhaps “it takes just one girl to cry the blues, but a village to raise her up again” could be the fetching message from...
Marito Marques Presents - Na Eira

Marito Marques Presents: Na Eira

Only a handful of recordings are going to impress the way Na Eira, the third disc from Marito Marques will as its music unfolds...
Rich Brown Presents Abeng

Rich Brown: Abeng

The anger of man often spills over into his art. One has only to look at Picasso’s celebrated painting, Guernica. Musicians are not exempt....
University of Toronto 12TET: When Day Slips into Night

University of Toronto 12TET: When Day Slips into Night

The students of the University of Toronto’s Jazz Music faculty are a moveable and ever-changing pool of gifted musicians who not only read and...
Solon McDade - Murals

Solon McDade: Murals

The “Murals” title of this enterprising disc from Solon McDade was, it seems, suggested by the line and seemingly visual flow of the music’s...
Melanie Peterson: Two

Melanie Peterson: Two

The Two in the title of this disc refers simply to the number of songs on this single by Melanie Peterson, a sultry-voiced folk...
Cory Weeds: Let's Groove - The Music of Earth Wind & Fire

Cory Weeds: Let’s Groove – The Music Of Earth Wind & Fire

Take away the sinuous vocalastics of Philip Bailey and the rollicking bass lines of Verdine White and replace them with the consummate acuity and...
Peter Campbell: Loving You

Peter Campbell Presents: Loving You

It’s not hard to fall in love with Shirley Horn all over again when you listen to Loving You by Peter Campbell. Such unabashed...
Jodi Proznick: Sun Songs

Jodi Proznick Presents: Sun Songs

It is so rare to come across an album of music which draws you almost instantly to its beating heart, and by that one...