Tuesday, July 7, 2020
The Brian Dickenson Quintet: The Rhythm Method

The Brian Dickenson Quintet: The Rhythm Method

There is a strange, phenomenon occurring in the Canadian music scene; quite an anomaly from what one has been witness to in recent years...
Misses Satchmo - Is That All There Is

Misses Satchmo: Is That All There Is

With so much 21st century Jazz to choose from, it’s refreshing a disc turns up that harks back to the swinging tunes of decades...
Emmet Cohen feat Ron Carter

Emmet Cohen: Featuring Ron Carter and Evan Sherman

The Oxford English Dictionary describes master relating to the art of music as being “a great artist or musician” as in, for example, (to)...
Ann Vriend: Anybody's Different

Ann Vriend: Anybody’s Different

An extended play is a curious package for a musician. As a stand-alone disc it does not have enough material to make what is...
Solon McDade - Murals

Solon McDade: Murals

The “Murals” title of this enterprising disc from Solon McDade was, it seems, suggested by the line and seemingly visual flow of the music’s...
Adrean Farrugia, Joel Frahm - Blued Dharma

Adrean Farrugia & Joel Frahm: Blued Dharma

The relationship between pianist Adrean Farrugia and saxophonist Joel Frahm was fostered during their nine-year association with drummer and bandleader Ernesto Cervini which matured...
Barbra Lica - I'm Still Learning

Barbra Lica: I’m Still Learning

Apart from its virtues as a brilliant piece of programming – seven of eleven songs written or co-written by the diamantine-voiced Barbra Lica and...
Nancy Lane - Let Me Love You

Nancy Lane: Let Me Love You

The Canadian singer, Nancy Lane seems to have a voice made for the elegiac song, the ballad and other similar music. But she can...

Lulaworld 2019: Red Hot Samba Party

Lulaworld Festival, a happening event with shows through the beginning of June. I was able to attend...
Kim Doolittle - Into the Blue

Kim Doolittle Presents: Into the Blue

Perhaps “it takes just one girl to cry the blues, but a village to raise her up again” could be the fetching message from...