Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Lulaworld 2019 - June  6-16, 2019
University of Toronto 12TET: When Day Slips into Night

University of Toronto 12TET: When Day Slips into Night

The students of the University of Toronto’s Jazz Music faculty are a moveable and ever-changing pool of gifted musicians who not only read and...
Josh Rager: Dreams and Other Stories

Josh Rager: Dreams and Other Stories

Considerable time has passed since we have had the pleasure of another recording from pianist Josh Rager. Dreams and Other Stories was well worth...
Sarah Jerrom: The Yeats Project

Sarah Jerrom: The Yeats Project

Although W.B. Yeats was notoriously tone-deaf – as anyone who listens to recitations of his work by Yeats himself will testify – the lyricism...
The Heavyweights Brass Band - This City

The Heavyweights Brass Band: This City

The young, peripatetic trombonist Chris Butcher divides his time between Toronto and New Orleans. By a stroke of good fortune (his mother is American...
Robert Diack: Lost Villages

Robert Diack: Lost Villages

The slow, haunting wave of music from the start of Lost Villages by Robert Diack is immediately discernable as an intimation of something dark...
Justin Gray & Synthesis - New Horizons

Justin Gray & Synthesis: New Horizons

It does not take long to grasp the enormity of achievement on the part of Justin Gray as heard on New Horizons a record...
Harley Card: The Greatest Invention

Harley Card: The Greatest Invention

The Greatest Invention refers to the bicycle which, as Albert Einstein called it, was not only his idea of the greatest invention, but also...
Ron Davis - Pocket Symphronica

Ron Davis: Pocket Symphronica

At first blush, the word ‘Symphronica’ might draw attention to the wrong aspect of this music and that is gratuitous publicity for its creator....
Dave Young Terry Promane Octet Vol. 2

Dave Young Terry Promane Octet: Volume 2

The quality of this playing is altogether excellent. Dave Young and Terry Promane together with the musicians of their powerhouse octet take nothing for...
Pram Trio - Saga Thirteen

Pram Trio Presents: Saga Thirteen

The subtly musical performances by three considerably talented Toronto musicians of six newly written or improvised pieces have much to offer. And as these...