Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Peter Campbell: Loving You

Peter Campbell Presents: Loving You

It’s not hard to fall in love with Shirley Horn all over again when you listen to Loving You by Peter Campbell. Such unabashed...
Ilios Steryannis: Bethany Project

Ilios Steryannis · Bethany Project

The fact that Ilios Steryannis is a drummer may account for his being drawn not only to complex rhythmic pulses and time signatures. However...
Jeremy Ledbetter Trio - Got A Light?

Jeremy Ledbetter Trio: Got a Light?

Jeremy Ledbetter has traversed a fairly wide musical topography: from the Caribbean with his preeminent ensemble Canefire to weaving his virtuoso pianism into the...
The Brian Dickenson Quintet: The Rhythm Method

The Brian Dickenson Quintet: The Rhythm Method

There is a strange, phenomenon occurring in the Canadian music scene; quite an anomaly from what one has been witness to in recent years...
Amos Hoffman Noam Lemish: Pardes

Amos Hoffman & Noam Lemish: Pardes

It is not common in Judeo-Christian and Islamic cultures for the sacred and the secular to come together. This is why among the Hebrew...
Dorjee Tsering - Thank You Canada

Dorjee Tsering: Thank You Canada

Before Dorjee Tsering became a Canadian he was (is and will always be) Tibetan first, born like so many of his fellow Tibetans, in...
The Bitter Suite - The Marie Goudy 12tet feat Jocelyn Barth

The Marie Goudy 12tet featuring Jocelyn Barth: The Bitter Suite

The thematic echoes of Winterreise (Winter Journey) the a song cycle for voice and piano by Franz Schubert (D. 911/Op. 89, 1828), a setting...
Eli Bennett Presents Breakthrough

Eli Bennett Presents: Breakthrough

Eli Bennett arrives at Addo Records with a rich harvest of evocative music for tenor saxophone, ostensibly written very recently. The Vancouver-born tenor saxophonist...
Toronto Jazz Orchestra - 20

Toronto Jazz Orchestra: 20

For the Toronto Jazz Orchestra the impulse to create and adorn a large musical canvas may have been inspired by the first chamber, symphony...
Aaron Shragge - Innocent When You Dream: Dirt In The Ground

Aaron Shragge – Innocent When You Dream: Dirt In The Ground

On page 234 of Matéria de Poesia from Gramática Expositiva do Chão (Poesia quase toda) almost certainly his greatest work, the Brasilian poet Manoel...