Sunday, April 5, 2020
Oscar Peterson AFRICA World Premier at Koerner Hall in Toronto

The World Premier of Oscar Peterson’s AFRICA Suite at Koerner Hall

Oscar Peterson’s AFRICA Suite featuring Benny Green, Christian McBride, Lewis Nash and the Oscar Peterson Festival Jazz Orchestra conducted by John Clayton An Evening...
Keiko Matsui at Meridian Arts Centre - Toronto Feb 6 2020

An Enchanting Evening with Keiko Matsui at Flato Markham Theatre

It was an enchanting evening with the beautiful and charming Japanese pianist, composer and humanitarian Keiko Matsui. You could call her style as smooth jazz...
David Broza

David Broza with Friends at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

What can be better than getting together with friends for the party of sharing, reminiscences and singalong while cold Canadian winter winds are blowing...
TuneTown: There from Here

TuneTown: There from Here

The lively arts community in and around Toronto boasts some of the most fascinating musical minds in TuneTown, and these three musicians – drummer...
Gord Mowat: Gord Mowat's Skeleton Crew

Gord Mowat: Gord Mowat’s Skeleton Crew

The reference to a “skeleton crew” can never be lost on anyone who’s ever worked the graveyard shift in a metropolis that never sleeps....
David Newland - Northbound - The Northwest Passage in Story and Song

David Newland: Northbound

There is a line in Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier’s lyric for “O Canada” that reads, “The true north strong and free…” which doubtless refers to...
Diana Panton: A Cheerful Little Earful

Diana Panton: A Cheerful Little Earful

The graphics on A Cheerful Little Earful by Diana Panton – and, to a certain extent, this title as well – may cue a...

Gordon Sheard & Sinal Aberto: A New Day

Afro-Brasilian music – not the more diffident but, no less sensuously danceable form of Bossa Nova – but louvação da capoeira, afoxê, maracatu, repentismo,...
JV's Boogaloo Squad: Going to Market

JV’s Boogaloo Squad: Going to Market

It has been a very long time since I have heard an organ-driven trio sound this impressive. Part of the reason has to be...

Eucalyptus: Kick It Till You Flip It

It is not of the average Canadian – much less its musicians – to court controversy. But there is a group of musicians in...