Monday, August 10, 2020
Daniela Nardi - Artist Profile

Artist Profile: Daniela Nardi

At age five, Daniela Nardi began studying piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music. British pop music of the 80's led Nardi to take...
Emilie-Claire Barlow - Photo credit Steve Webster

Artist Profile: Emilie-Claire Barlow

For Juno award winning singer Emilie Claire Barlow, there never was a Plan B. No day jobs or fallback plans in case music didn’t...
Alexander Brown

Artist Profile: Alexander Brown

A native of Cuba, Alexander Brown is a hard-bop, post-bop and Latin oriented musician. He became one of Cuba’s prominent trumpet players in the...
Valeria Matzner

Artist Profile: Valeria Matzner

In the veins of this eclectic singer/songwriter flow the rhythms and melodies of her native South America. The excitement of Brazilian Samba, the sweet...
Adrean Farrugia

Artist Profile: Adrean Farrugia

Adrean Farrugia comes from a musical family. His father Bruno is a professional drummer in the music scene. His grandfather Joseph Ivan Arsenault was...
Marito Marques

Artist Profile: Marito Marques

Marito Marques hails from Portugal. An accomplished musician and respected composer, he takes the sounds of the world into his soul to produce melodies...
Allison Au - Artist Profile

Artist Profile: Allison Au

Juno-award winning Jazz Saxophonist, Composer and Arranger, Allison Au refuses to be defined. Born to a Chinese father and Jewish mother, and raised in...
Louis Simão

Artist Profile: Louis Simão

Toronto-based musician, Louis Simão has been composing, performing and recording as a multi-instrumentalist in a variety of genres for twenty years. 2016 marked the...
Robi Botos

Artist Profile: Robi Botos

Robi Botos has been hailed as one of the most diverse multi-instrumentalists  of this generation. From the hard-bop style of Bill Evans and Herbie...
Chris Butcher

Artist Profile: Chris Butcher

Chris Butcher is a musician firmly established as a representative of the global music village, transcending genre and cultural predisposition, and pleasing audiences across...