Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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TMR Senior Writer. Based in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Raul is a musician and an accomplished writer whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically.
Quinsin Nachoff's Flux: Path of Totality

Quinsin Nachoff’s Flux: Path of Totality

Sciences – from mathematics to the furthest reaches of astronomy – have preoccupied many artists since the dawn of music, poetry, painting and drama....
Alison Young: So Here We Are

Alison Young: So Here We Are

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of So Here We Are is the immense stylistic assurance that exudes from the prodigiously gifted musician and saxophonist...

Kalya Ramu: Living in a Dream

On this fine recording Living in a Dream the proverbial ingénue, Kalya Ramu reveals herself as an artist of the first order, broadening out...

Dave Young: Lotus Blossom

Any recording by Dave Young is always likely to ensure a fine performance by one of the great Canadian masters of the contrabass. But...

Amanda Martinez: Libre

Amanda Martinez has put together yet another brilliant programme to flaunt her considerable vocal powers. A singer with an operatic equivalent of a mezzo-soprano...
Audrey Ochoa: “I Just Like to Write Songs!”

Audrey Ochoa: “I Just Like to Write Songs!”

Audrey Ochoa has designs on her career. “Deep down,” she says, “I just want to be a pop star!” She’s much more than half...

In Orbit: In Orbit

The boldness of this fresh and vivid repertoire by In Orbit should be resoundingly applauded. For in a world where there is no shortage...

Mary Lou Williams, Geri Allen and Teri Parker: Free Spirits

To be fair, there’s also Allison Au, Rebecca Hennessy, Lauren Falls and Sarah Thawer. Together they will join Teri Parker to form Free Spirits,...
Angela Verbrugge: The Night We Couldn't Say Good Night

Angela Verbrugge: The Night We Couldn’t Say Good Night

This is a stunning debut album for Angela Verbrugge. Simply stunning! How could it not be when Miss Verbrugge ignites The Night We Couldn’t...

Sing It Again: A Fundraiser for Recollectiv

This fundraiser for Recollectiv a music group for people with memory challenges will be held on Saturday, May 11th, 2019 1pm - 3pm, at...